dCanvas Weekly Update — May 2nd

Welcome to the first official dCanvas weekly update! On the journey to fulfilling the dCanvas vision, we plan to provide weekly updates as we work day and night to make the dCanvas dream a reality.


We are aiming to wrap up our raise, done through allocations of NFT, within the next week. We will have official announcements soon. Within the next week we will start with a limited public release, and continue the release in the future with drops of 1024 NFTs at a time. Our mission in the future is to make every drop into an event by doing a series of events centered around collaborations with brand partners. Other events may be centered around developments in the ecosystem or significant happenings outside the crypto space.


Every week we improve the core user experience around the product. NFT holders can now: 1) set profiles including a username and website link, viewable by the public, 2) designate a proxy wallet address for other users to set colors for you, and 3) message each other to collaborate or discuss. In the coming week we aim to further improve the navigation, drawing, and purchase experiences.

Some amazing art is already being created on the board!


We are actively working on expanding our team. We recently added another engineer along with several marketing partners. We are making a big push in the near future as we gear up for public release!


Our Twitter following has increased over 4x to 1,100 followers and counting. We hosted a community discussion May 2nd at 1pm PST: “What does minting really mean?” Co-hosting with dCanvas was Sparrow of the Women of Crypto Art (WOCA) collective. There was a great turnout and great discussion. Join our Discord at discord.gg/dDS6hx5X8p for future discussions like this!


The central mission of dCanvas is to redefine the limits of collaborative art while acting as a powerful catalyst for social good. At its core, dCanvas stands for community.

dCanvas was developed by two doctors building on the blockchain for social good. The project has goodwill in its lifeblood and plans to donate a substantial portion of all proceeds back to charity organizations. dCanvas will also be making donations back to its community of artists and token holders.

dCanvas is building the largest collaborative art project in the world in the name of social good. Join the hundreds who have already signed up to make digital art history happen. Read the whitepaper to learn more.

Decentralized collaborative art at unprecedented scale. Create and own a piece of history.